Expand your Options for Learning

Learning Options:


  • Is an answer that embraces our natural talents as both the cause and solution.
  • Helps with dyslexia and autism in Bozeman, Montana, and throughout the region.
  • Addresses many types of learning disabilities and learning differences.
  • Tests for dyslexic picture-thinking capacity at the root of learning differences.
  • Meets the unique needs of three dimensional learners in all aspects of development (Intellectual, physical, social, and emotional).
  • Combines the most effective creative, visual, kinesthetic strategies.
  • Uses Davis® techniques successful for strong picture thinkers.
  • Just as word-thinking techniques service those of us stronger in word thinking, using Davis® techniques allows Learning Options to provide LEARNING OPTIONS to ALL learners.
  • Helps adults and children recognize and use their unique way of learning to overcome their struggles with focusing, ADD/ADHD, reading, writing, math, reading comprehension, coordination and other related learning challenges.
  • Helps learning-different adult and children successfully bridge the gap to success in learning and life

After 30 years in education, I finally found a program that connects the dots for those bright ‘picture thinkers’ left behind in even the best classrooms – those we called ‘hands on’ ‘frustrated’ and questioned their motivation.

Not only do Ron Davis’ discoveries ‘connect the dots’. They make a few new pictures of their own for us to see. Davis® techniques address a way of thinking and reaction to confusion at the root of dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

The definition of “option” is “The Right, Liberty, and Power to choose”. Once we understand the way we learn best, respect it, and use it, we can realize and exercise our best learning options.

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